Dimly Lit

XHTML/CSS/Web and Graphic Design, thinly sliced and sprinkled with Standards Compliance.

Web Sushi. Chop Chop.

Dimly Lit - Ben Ceglowski Penned by Ben
Ben Ceglowski

Ben makes websites. All sorts of websites.

Born and raised in South Africa, Ben now lives near the riverbanks of South-West London. He has a BTech qualification (equivalent to BA Hons; w/Distinction) in Graphic Design from the Durban University of Technology.

Clients have included all manner of corporates, resorts, online stores, record labels, recording studios, bands, musicians, photographers and writers, to name a few. Ben has been working as a professional web designer since 2006, but has an association with web and graphic design that stretches over more than a decade. This measure of experience in the field has led him to become an efficient front-end interface and user experience designer and developer, whilst keeping in mind essential aspects of the trade like aesthetics, accessibility, standards compliance and progressive enhancement.

This site includes a Professional Journal, which contains a handful of testimonials. Take a look at the Portfolio if you’d like to see a sample of Ben’s solo freelance work, from 2009 onwards.

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