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Candythief’s Testimonial

Ben designed the website for my band as a favour, but behaved throughout the design & building process with the same degree of care and professionalism towards the project as if it were a paid contract.

He was prepared to put time into understanding our design requirements both functionally and aesthetically in dialogue before the first draft was mocked up, and this meant relatively few tweaks were needed. I love what he’s done on a design level; it neatly answers the brief which was to devise an engaging band website that is visually appealing with a dash of humour, which makes sense as a match to the style of the music, and which avoids cliched, unimaginative & predictable visual vocabulary often rehashed by bands.

Another requirement of the brief was to establish certain themes which could be developed and expanded in the future-the statues photoshopped into musicians are perfect, as they are strong in themselves but there is plenty of scope for animating them and creating other motifs through the site in the future.

He also took care of the technical side of moving the domain to a more appropriate server, liaising with customer support etc and I never had to wait very long to hear back if I had a query about any element of design or functionality. All in all, he produced a website that I’m very happy with and was a pleasure to work with.

-Diana de Cabarrus

Penned by Ben
Penned by Ben
24 Oct 2009

“All in all, he produced a website that I'm very happy with and was a pleasure to work with.”

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Very helpful, icnledibry responsive, friendly, and competent in restoring my WordPress website. You were just what I needed. I am pleased to have made your acquaintance and look forward to working with you again.

By Jymmy on 26 June 2015, at 10:44am.

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